Personalized Learning for Busy Teachers

PyxisEdu is professional development for teachers like you’ve never seen before! Experience personalized learning in an online environment that features easily-accessible resources grounded in solid instructional pedagogy. Our experts curate resources that are matched to your interests and provide help right when you need it. Pyxis keeps track of all your hard work, so when it comes time for teacher license renewal, you get credit for all those hours of growth and learning!


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Ignite a passion for professional growth

with professional development for teachers that is personalized, practical, and relevant.

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Verify and document time spent learning

with Pyxis tracking and reporting features

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Provide PD tailored to your School Improvement Plan

with customizable "Top Picks for You" resource categories

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We want you to feel 100% confident and comfortable when you talk about PyxisEdu or any of the features available. If you have any questions or concerns, then please email Adam Jones at any time.