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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with MackinMaker! This partnership will allow us to provide teachers with the tools they need to support STEM/STEAM standards in their classrooms. Our coding and robotics kits are available in four different levels: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, & advanced and include a Professional Learning Package. Each Professional Learning Package includes 2 days of onsite professional learning and 8 virtual coaching sessions to ensure your teachers will feel comfortable while using these kits with their students.

Grades K-2 Kit

Our primary kit is designed for our younger learners to play, explore, and learn beginning coding hands-on with games and simple robots.

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Grades 3-5 Kit

Our intermediate kit expands students’ coding & robotics skills with opportunities to create their own video games, program advanced robots, and make cause/effect connections with blocks and more.

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Grades 6-8 Kit

Our middle school kit is designed for varied levels of programming and coding, going more in depth with new coding languages and robotics tools.

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Advanced Kit

Our advanced kit offers more in-depth coding and programming opportunities for grades 4 and up.

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Interested in learning more about how we can work together to integrate Mackin STEM kits in your classrooms?

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