Customizable Benchmark Assessments with Powerful Reporting

Five-Star Technology Solutions is committed to creating awesome learning experiences for kids. With this in mind, we have formed a partnership with Inspect® to create a comprehensive assessment solution.  Inspect® offers common formative assessments and a robust item bank of over 37,000 K-12 questions that measure student learning. By combining the power of Pivot’s Data Warehouse with the Inspect® assessment/item bank, we can offer the impressive Pivot INSPECT software.

Choose technology-enhanced items that have been analyzed for validity and reliability

in our robust question bank

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Produce assessments that match your standards and contain the item types you choose

with our prebuilt, customizable assessments

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Analyze results to target your reteaching and implement data-informed differentiation

by using our powerful reporting options

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Benchmark Assessment Solution Checklist

Download Indiana’s Formative Benchmark Assessment Solution Checklist and take a look at how Pivot INSPECT excels when compared to similar services.

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Questions Educators Should be Asking about Formative Benchmark Assessment Solutions

Pivot’s Data Warehouse with the Inspect® assessment/item bank provides the answers for your school district's formative benchmark assessment needs. Download our free brochure for more information.

Questions for Educators